Officials issue road closures, warnings ahead of Ohio River flooding

Officials issue road closures, warnings ahead of Ohio River flooding

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As the Ohio River rises due to recent rains, the roads prone to flooding, close.

Kellogg Avenue at Sutton Road just outside Coney Island, closed on Sunday night due to high water.

Hamilton County officials released a list of roads closures Sunday night. This, ahead of reports that the river could reach a moderate flood stage by Tuesday.

At that point, National Weather Service officials say "widespread backwater flooding along creeks and streams " will happen. Flooding also affects numerous roads and basements in Anderson Township, New Richmond, the East End and Pierce Township.

As of Sunday night, Four Mile Road, between I-275 Overpass and Kellogg is closed.

Eight Mile Road, north of Old Kellogg is currently open, but may close later Sunday night or early Monday morning.

High water signs are up, just outside Kellogg Park. Most of the park is underwater.

Over in Ludlow, KY, The Anderson Ferry is still open and carrying drivers across the river.

A few people who live along the river in Ludlow say they’re not worried about their homes flooding.

But, when you leave, that’s when officials want you to remember this.

CPD put out a warning today to remind drivers to avoid driving through floodwaters.

CPD says in approximately 1 foot of water, a typical car can begin to float, you’ll lose steering control and if the water is moving you could literally float away.

CPS officials announced Sunday night that Riverview East students will not report to school Monday. Everyone reports to Jacobs Center Tuesday.

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