Flooded Ohio River crests, high water closes roads

Flooded Ohio River crests, high water closes roads
High water shut down Sutton Avenue in eastern Cincinnati Wednesday morning. (Photo: FOX19 NOW)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Ohio River at Cincinnati crested at 55.46 feet at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

It fell to 55.41 feet at 6 a.m. and then rose to 55.45 feet some 45 minutes later.

Now it’s back down to 55.41 feet and expected to continue the slow drop for the next several days.

Flood stage is 52 feet.

Minor flooding is continuing to occur and will stick around for the next several days as the river stays in “minor” flood stage.

At stages near 55.5 feet, flooding affects much of northern Kentucky, southwest Ohio and southeast Indiana, including backwater flooding along creeks emptying into the Ohio River.

Low-lying roads near the river flood, with much of Anderson Township near the river affected. Flooding occurs along sections of Route 52 in Hamilton and Clermont Counties. Low-lying roads in Bromley and Ludlow also flood, as well as stretches of Route 8 in Kentucky, and State Route 56 near Aurora, Indiana.

Temperatures are in the low-30s in most areas and the upper 20s in areas to our north.

The low by daybreak will slip to 25.

Wind chills are brisk and in the teens this morning.

Light snow blew around overnight in some areas. It may leave a slick spot or two on road as you head out Wednesday morning.

Later, our high temperature will reach 34 degrees.

A Wind Advisory ended earlier this morning, but a flood warning remains in effect.

Several roads remain closed due to a high water, but Columbia Parkway is completely open in both directions.

Here’s what’s closed:

  • 1100 Mehring Way due to flood gate installation access to downtown from W. 6th street is restricted
  • 499 Harriet due to flood gate installation access to W. 6th street is restricted
  • Delta Ave, Strader and Schmidt Field south of Wool - this is not the section of Delta typically used by the public-3450 Southside Avenue due to flooding
  • Hill Street near Martin due to earth movement
  • Ohio 32 at Beechmont eastbound due to flooding
  • Ohio 32 between Clough and Newtown because of flooding
  • Inbound Kellogg between Salem and Wilmer due to flooding
  • Kellogg between Apple Hill and Salem by flooding

Residents from Anderson Township and Mt. Washington should note that Sutton to Kellogg to I-275 and Salem to Apple Hill to Kellogg to I-275 remain completely open and have very little traffic congestion as compared to Beechmont.

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