Rescuers amazed malnourished dog is alive: ‘This is why we do what we do’

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 10:44 PM EST
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MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Animal rescuers are looking for information on a dog that was found so malnourished they were amazed he was even alive.

A woman living in Middletown found the dog, as a skinny stray, near the area of Central and Girard. She took the dog in and then called Joseph’s Legacy rescue for help. Rescuers took the dog into their care on Tuesday.

Rescuers said the dog is underweight and malnourished. So much so, they lovingly named him “Starvin’ Marvin.”

“He’s probably only got maybe five more pounds before he would not be breathing," said Meg Melampy, the President of Joseph’s Legacy. "I mean, he’s pretty bad. He’s probably one of our worst.”

Melampy said she is still stunned by Marvin’s appearance. Despite his condition, they have found Marvin to be sweet and friendly. It leads rescuers to believe that at some point, he was someone’s pet.

Exactly what happened to Marvin is unclear. Rescuers are unsure of how he ended up in his current state of starvation, although they do have suspicions.

“It’s happened before that people put them in there and try to ‘get even’ with a spouse or a family member, and they could have done this [starved the dog] on purpose," said Melampy.

Rescuers hope the public can help them.

“If someone knows where he came from or has seen him as a pet somewhere, if you could call it in to us or the dog wardens, that would be perfect," said Melampy.

Melampy said that animal cruelty charges could be possible if they are able to gather more information. In the meantime, they are focused on Marvin’s health. He is currently with a medical foster.

“He’s not healthy enough to even be neutered yet. He’ll gain weight pretty quickly," said Melampy. "Within a week, he’ll look a lot better.”

Rescuers do not know much about Marvin’s past, but they believe he is going to have an incredible future with a forever family.

“This is why we do what we do," said Melampy.

Melampy is encouraging anyone with any information on Marvin to contact Joseph’s Legacy or the Middletown or Butler County Dog Wardens. Joseph’s Legacy rescuers said that people can help animals like Marvin by making donations, fostering or adopting. To learn more, visit the rescue’s website.

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