Teens caught on camera breaking into Green Twp cars

Teens caught on camera breaking into Green Twp cars

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Two teens recently hit a Green Township neighborhood, breaking into several cars -- and it was all caught on camera.

In the video you can see the teens cutting through a yard on the 1500 block of Anderson Ferry Road. The teens walk to a driveway and check out several of the parked cars. Once they find a door unlocked they hop in, taking whatever they can find.

“It ended up being my wife’s prescription sunglasses that we just bought,” said Ryan Stahl.

He says his family moved into the neighborhood two years ago and his car has been broken into four times.

“They hit my neighbors across the street. There’s a bunch of people on Facebook who say they paid them a visit,” said Stahl.

It reportedly happened early Sunday morning. In the video you can see the teen looking into the surveillance camera. Once he notices he’s being recorded he takes off to the next house.

“It seems like a victimless crime to them. They’re just taking something out of somebody’s car, thinking whatever, they’ll replace it or claim it on insurance. At the end of the day it’s stuff I go to work and have to pay for,” said Stahl.

Stahl says after the first car break-in he installed a security system hoping it would stop but the thieves keep coming back.

“I don’t know what else to do, but stay awake at night -- but I can’t do that. My biggest concern is what’s next -- them just being so brazen, really, what’s next? Once the cars aren’t enough are they going to start breaking into garages or the house or whatever. If so, that’s going to end differently," he said.

He hopes it doesn’t get to that point and that the two people are caught, but he says if the break-ins continue he and his family will be left with only one choice.

“I want it to stop and I honestly think we’re going to move because of it. In a community that her family and my family has been apart of a long time. I just don’t see anything changing,” said Stahl.

Police are working to identify the two teens in the video. Anyone with information is asked to call Green Township police at 513-574-0007.

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