‘He’s looking for kids’: Reading man accused of luring underage girls in multiple states

Attorney of victim calls him a ‘predator’

Police: Man lured underage girls

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Reading man is facing charges in multiple states following accusations that he lured several underage girls.

Joshua Pennington was first facing charges in Indiana and is now also facing charges in Northern Kentucky.

Attorney Sandra Dukes is representing the family of a 13-year-old Indiana girl who is now considered a victim. Investigators said that Pennington met the girl on an app, lied about his age and drove from the Cincinnati area to the Lafayette area to see the girl multiple times.

“He came up here four times, picked her up at her house,” said Dukes. “He got her complete trust. She believed everything he said. It got worse and worse, a little scarier and scarier.”

Police said Pennington was caught having sex with the 13-year-old in a car in a church parking lot in Indiana.

“An officer happened to stop in there to do some paperwork and noticed there was a car in the back, and he went back to check, and he found them," said Dukes.

Cincinnati-area authorities arrested Pennington earlier this week at his Calico Court home in Reading on a warrant out of Northern Kentucky. He is accused of trying to meet up with a 12-year-old girl there. Investigators also said he had nude photos of that child on his phone.

“He’s looking for kids around the 12-year mark," said Dukes.

Dukes said that the Indiana case has been incredibly traumatic for the 13-year-old victim and her family.

“She’s been on HIV medications. She’s been on all kinds of antibiotics and stuff, really made her sick in the beginning, couldn’t even go to school every day, and it’s caused a lot of problems," said Dukes. "They’ve got her in counseling.”

The family, according to Dukes, feared for their safety after Pennington posted bond.

“We wanted this guy caught," said Dukes. "Mom now has a pistol, and she’s been to the shooting range, so she knows how to use it if she has to.”

Dukes calls Pennington a “predator.”

“He’s just farming for kids," said Dukes. “He’s looking for kids.”

Pennington is currently facing charges in multiple states. Dukes hopes he remains incarcerated. Though Pennington is in the Kenton County Detention Center right now, it is expected he will be extradited to Indiana soon to face his charges there.

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