Weather impacts search for KY woman missing 6 weeks

Weather may impact search for KY woman missing 6 weeks

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The search for a missing Kentucky woman was off to a slow start Saturday by something no one can control -- the weather.

Savannah Spurlock, the 23-year-old mother of four, has been missing for six weeks and dozens of volunteers searched every inch of the fields in and around Lancaster, where she was last seen.

The plan was intended for about 200 volunteers to search for the mother, but because of the snow only about 80 showed up.

“Could she have just walked away? Was she abducted for some other purpose or reason? We don’t know, but while we’re out here, by the process of elimination, we’re either going to find her, or we’re going to know where she’s not," said Texas EquuSearcher, David Rader who has been in Lancaster since Wednesday trying to corral troops and resources for the search for Spurlock.

Radar said he used ATV’s, horses, a drone, and of course people to help find her.

Crews were looking for Spurlock’s rose gold iPhone and tan Michael Kors purse, two items police say she had with her when she vanished.

Volunteers found necklaces and other articles, but police say none are related to Spurlock.

“With any missing persons case it’s a roller coaster ride,” said Rader.

Search for missing KY woman

About 1 to 3 inches of snow fell and impacted the area Saturday morning.

“We can’t search in anything more than about 1 inch on the ground, because we’re looking for potential evidence -- and her -- of course,” said Rader.

Police say the young mother ended up in a home about an hour south of Lexington and was last seen leaving a bar with three men.

"I think they've checked out the individual that was on surveillance tape with her," said Rader, without revealing anything further about that part of the investigation.

“Three men take your daughter out to the middle of nowhere, you never hear from her again. Somebody out there knows something,” said her father Cecil Spurlock.

Detectives have questioned the men, but have not said yet what their names are or if they’re even suspects. The men did tell police that Spurlock left their rural house the next morning, yet there’s no evidence she drove away, was picked-up, and no one spotted her on foot.

“It’s overwhelming,” said her father.

The woman’s 4-year-old son doesn’t yet know that she is missing, according to the family.

“I just want to thank everybody that’s out there hunting for her," said her father.

The search will continue, but will not continue Sunday because investigators will be working on other parts of the case.

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