Neighbors concerned after driver crashes stolen car, knocks out power

‘The power lines had shorted out’

Neighbors: Driver disappeared after crash

BETHEL, OH (FOX19) - A stolen car investigation and eventual car crash has left Bethel residents with property damage and concerns for their safety.

Kevin Hamblin and his fiancee Chelsea Dalton said they woke up around 1 a.m. on Sunday to a startling sound.

“We end up hearing a loud boom and then bright lights because the power lines had shorted out," said Hamblin.

When they went outside, the two said they found that a car had lost control and crashed near their home on State Route 125 in Bethel.

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“Our mailbox was taken out, and they left ruts through our ditch, and they had taken our telephone pole in our yard and ended up going across the road to hit another telephone pole and ripped up a water line in our yard,” said Hamblin.

One of the poles, Hambin said, was on fire after the crash. According to Hamblin, a trooper at the scene told him that the driver had stolen the car from outside of a business on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township, then traveled more than 30 miles to Bethel. Investigators told Hamblin they believed the driver had been driving through red lights and was going more than 100 mph.

The driver, Hamblin said, jumped out of the vehicle immediately after the wreck and has not yet been located.

“Surprised that someone was not only able to walk away, but run away and hide from that accident," said Hamblin.

For 18 hours, Hamblin said he and Dalton were without power while crews worked to make repairs. More work will have to be done. The couple said this is the second time in four months that someone has wrecked in their yard.

“It sucks it happened again, and getting closer and closer to the house, and we’re also expecting, so, makes it a little bit more nerve-wracking," said Dalton.

They are hoping they may get a guardrail installed near their home. If nothing else, they want the person responsible to serve time for the crime.

“Be nice to see them at least taken to justice," said Hamblin. "They could’ve killed somebody or multiple people.”

Officials with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they are looking into the report of the stolen car. Other details connected to the investigation have not yet been released.

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