Gov. DeWine considering an 18 cent per gallon tax hike

Does raising the gas tax make cents?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Gov. Mike DeWine is considering an 18 cent per gallon tax hike. It does sound pricey, but Ohio’s gas tax, historically, has been lower than our neighbors in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

The idea of paying more for gas fueled some fiery opinions from drivers that spoke with FOX19, but so did the idea of hitting a large pothole while rolling down Interstate 71. If and when this happens, DeWine said in that interview it would be a gradual increase, and before that increase can happen it has to make it past state legislatures.

At this point, DeWine hasn’t put anything in writing to bring before the people who would vote on this tax hike.

Ohio’s tax at the pumps has been 28 cents a gallon since 2005.

The new numbers DeWine is considering would put Ohio’s gas tax 20 cents ahead of Kentucky and about 3 cents more than Indiana’s gas tax. His hope is that extra change helps fill the piggy bank of the departments handling road and bridge maintenance.

ODOT director Jack Marchbanks has reportedly warned of a $1 billion budget shortfall by the year 2030.

“We are facing a future where we will clearly not be able to maintain the quality of the system we have -- let alone improve upon it,” Marchbanks said.

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