More damage to landslide location in Hickman, KY

More damage to landslide location in Hickman, KY
The Hickman First Methodist Church and other structures in the area are in danger due to the landslide.

HICKMAN, KY (KFVS) - The landslide in Hickman, Ky. is slowly getting bigger as more rain is in the forecast.

David Thomas said the new damage was done at the location due to weather on March 13.

Church member David Thomas said on Tuesday, March 12 that land washed away a little more toward the pastor’s house and activity center, right between the two buildings. He said they’re hoping to get the proposals from the engineering firm this week.

Heartland News checked in with city leaders on Thursday, March 7 after they met with engineers from Lexington the night before.

Cubb Stokes, Hickman Interim City Manager, said the hole is moving a little closer to the First Methodist Church Activity Center/Life Enrichment Center building but not towards the Pastor’s home.

Stabilization engineers are working on a plan to keep the two buildings from sliding. Both hold special meaning to many in the community.

According to Stokes, no matter what, the community comes together, because that’s how things are done in Hickman.

“Whatever we can do as a city, or the county, or the state, we’ll get through this. It’s just a slow process," said Stokes.

Because the city, Fulton County, and the state all declared a State of Emergency, Stokes said church leaders can apply for FEMA funds to help out. But it might take a while.

Church member, David Thomas said funding hasn’t been secured yet.

They hope to have the engineers’ plans and a cost estimate within the next few weeks.

Updated video of the landslide behind Hickman First Methodist Church.

Posted by Hickman City & Fulton County, KY News & Events on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Timeline of landslide emergency:

The Hickman Mayor Heath Carlton gave an update on Monday, February 25.

He said that the landslide is stable and officials are hoping there won’t be more movement. Carlton said it’s still a dangerous situation and crews that work on it now could be in harms way, so nothing has been done about it just yet.

An aerial view of the landslide in Hickman as of Monday, Feb. 25 (Source: David Thomas)
An aerial view of the landslide in Hickman as of Monday, Feb. 25 (Source: David Thomas) (Source: David Thomas)

Heavy rain on already saturated ground caused the messy and dangerous situation in Hickman, Ky.

In a meeting on Friday morning, Feb. 22, officials listened to community members’ concerns and feedback.

City officials updated the community on their plans for dealing with the landslide. The also listened to issues created in the community by the dangerous incident.

Watch that meeting below:

LANDSLIDE UPDATE: Officials in Hickman, KY are updating the community after a landslide led the mayor to declare a state of emergency

Posted by KFVS-TV on Friday, February 22, 2019

Fulton County, Ky. Judge Jim Martin issued a state of emergency on Thursday in response the hardships created from the heavy rains and flooding issues.

The declaration allowed all agencies of Fulton County to work in cooperation with Fulton County Emergency Management.

A landslide in the area of Buchanan and Church streets led the mayor of Hickman, Heath Carlton, to declare a local state of emergency on Wednesday.

Hickman drone footage

With the declaration in place, the mayor has the ability to redirect resources as needed to deal with the conditions.

The Hickman First Methodist Church and other structures in the area are in danger due to the landslide.

David Thomas, a church member, said the hole is about 27 feet from the church’s Life Enrichment Center.

The Army Corps of Engineers took a closer look at the landslide and adjacent area on Thursday, Feb. 21.

According to Carlton, the corps’ short term suggestion is to create temporary channels to divert runoff water away from the immediate slide area.

Carlton said this process is underway. Crews are using straw bails and plastic sheeting to create channels.

In a declaration released on Wednesday, Feb. 20, Mayor Carlton said several consecutive days of rainy weather created “extreme conditions in instability in the soil and bluffs located within the City limits” and led to the landslide.

The current situation is jeopardizing homes, businesses and places of worship, and causing potentially hazardous road conditions.

A landslide in Hickman, Ky. is threatening homes, businesses and a church. (Source: David Thomas)
A landslide in Hickman, Ky. is threatening homes, businesses and a church. (Source: David Thomas)

According to the Fulton County Emergency Management, one unoccupied structure has already received some damage and other structures could be impacted if sliding continues.

The city is concerned about the potential for additional landslides or soil loss, and loss of homes or property.

Several have asked what they can do to help during this state of Emergency. As we know we have more rain coming in...

Posted by Fulton County KY Emergency Management on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Chief Meteorologist Grant Dade said Hickman received more than 3 inches of rain from Tuesday into Wednesday on already saturated ground.

Other damage was reported on Terrace Drive in Hickman, and that street was closed.

Mayor Carlton urged onlookers to respect the barriers and stay clear of the landslide since the ground is very unstable.

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