Suspected gun store burglar rams accomplice with truck during break-in

Burglary suspect rammed by partner during break-in

DANVILLE, VA (WDBJ/Gray News) - Guns Gear & Ammo has had attempted burglaries before, but the owner says he’s never seen anything like this.

“Well, they rammed the building four times with a box truck, which is beyond what most people think of as normal,” said Josh Jennings.

A surveillance video from last Wednesday morning shows the truck coming into the store, and then hitting one of the accomplices. The shop, which sits right on Route 58, has several cameras and recorded the entire incident.

“They keep trying. Most of them aren’t bright enough to realize that we do not leave any firearm out. They’re all secured and in containers,” said Jennings.

If you fast forward the video, you can see a getaway car pull up. The truck was damaged and left at the scene.

“When the facility is shut down, nobody is in it at all. A mouse could come though and set it off and we don’t want that. But if it boils down to it, I’d much rather show up to a false alarm than show up to a building with a gaping hole and a truck sitting in it,” Jennings explained.

Jennings already has a security system with multiple door sensors, and before it was destroyed, a cinder block exterior. But now he's improving the strength of his store even more.

“We’re going to harden the facility further. Most people already know, pylons, bollards, additional cameras, additional security systems,” Jennings said.

And hopefully by sharing the surveillance video, a suspect will soon be named. This is an ongoing investigation for the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s office.

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