Ohio Valley Goodwill fairly certain Marie Kondo is why donations spiked in January

“That doesn’t mean that we have nothing but joyless items here..."

Does it spark joy? Goodwill sees uptick in donations

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio Valley Goodwill reports a large spike in January donations from years past and credits part of the increase to the Netflix series “Tidying Up” starring Marie Kondo.

“Januarys are usually flat for us,” Ohio Valley Goodwill Public Information Officer Michael Flannery said. “Everybody donates for the end of the year, not much comes in January. This January there were 6,000 more donors.”

The second-hand store chain also reported an additional 500,000 lbs. of donated goods to start 2019.

In the Netflix show, Kondo has subjects hold items that have been cluttering their homes and asks them one question: “Does it bring you joy?” The people Kondo attempts to help on the show are asked to discard the items that don’t bring them joy. Those following along with the show have been making drop offs at the Ohio Valley Goodwill’s donation centers.

“That doesn’t mean that we have nothing but joyless items here because every item gives joy to somebody else in different ways,” Flannery said.

This wouldn’t be the first time the entertainment industry has impacted the performance of thrift stores. In 2012, Macklemore released a song called “Thrift Store” and several reports surfaced of second-hand stores sales increasing as the song’s popularity increased.

“Pop culture has a lot to do with Goodwill,” Flannery said. "If you need anything from the 60s or 70s you find it here. That’s what people are giving away is pop culture.”

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