Residents push back against development in Mt. Lookout

A developer wants to build 30 homes on nearby empty land

Residents push back against development in Mt. Lookout

MT. LOOKOUT, OH (FOX19) – Dozens of residents are hoping to send a message to the development company that wants to build on land in the neighborhood.

Signs outside homes in the area read “Preserve our neighborhood." Mount Lookout resident Annie Bolf is one of the people with a sign outside her home.

“We thought this was a hidden gem with being in the city but also having the woods that surrounded our house,” said Bolf.

The view from Bolf’s backyard is hilly and wooded with natural sounds from wildlife. She says it’s something she and her neighbors aren’t willing to let go of without a fight.

“The extreme development of this area is concerning,” she said.

A developer wants to build 30 homes on the empty land behind Bolf’s home. She says it would destroy 4.65 acres of nature and wildlife habitat.

“The environmental piece is the erosion, the landslides and the drainage -- that’s a concern because it is a steep topography,” she said.

Bolf also worries about an increase in traffic. She says the neighborhood is already so busy.

FOX19 reached out to the developer asking for comment and received an e-mail that reads: “We are aware of the opposition; however, Redstone MTL does not have a statement."

Another resident, Pete Riddle, and his son, 11-year-old Jackson, spend a lot of time in the wooded area when the weather is nice.

“There’s a zip line on top of the hill and we ride it a lot and there’s also some teenagers that live over here and they go back here and play paintball,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s father says if the development happens it will change their lives.

“It’s not what moved into this neighborhood to have in our backyard. Obviously, We would consider moving if something like that happened," he said.

Bolf says the cause has brought the neighborhood together and she hopes the developers hear their concerns.

“We have a common thought on how this makes people feel and being alarmed by the drastic development that's happening in Mount Lookout,” she said.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday regarding the development. Monday’s meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at Christ The King Parish Center at 3223 Linwood Avenue. Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled at 7 p.m. at Lindner Tennis Center at Lunken Playfield.

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