Baby Savings Day leaves customers disappointed

Baby Savings Day has customers disappointed

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Some Walmart customers were upset with the retail giant after an advertised sale that would’ve slashed prices on baby items didn’t go as planned.

Walmart advertised super-low prices on strollers, car seats and other baby essentials to help out new and expectant parents.

‘Baby Savings Day’ was advertised by the company as month-long discounts on baby essentials, topped off with an in-store event providing demo baby gear and goodie bags scheduled for Feb. 23.

“We really didn’t find anything, we [were] very disappointed," said Tawana DePrima.

DePrima says she came to the Walmart at Sheila Lane with her daughter, an expectant mother of two, but found no semblance of a ‘Baby Savings Day’ event.

She said they picked up a few small items, but they were not on sale.

“Things are quite expensive. And to hope that you will kind of get a little break with the arrival of the children, and not to find any is kind of sad," she said.

Another customer said during her visit, she was at the very least given two coupons, and that employees claimed that the sales were a media hoax.

A representative for Walmart confirmed that this event, was in fact, real.

Customers to the big-box store chimed in:

“That’s a huge waste of time, especially if they put money aside thinking they were going to get good deals for their kids, and they got here and they got nothing," Alyssa Scott said.

“It’s hard enough to get out of the house with young children and get that time to go buy things. And you want to be able to get good savings, and to go out and be disappointed is upsetting,” Margaret Rozel said.

Walmart did send us a statement saying in part that “the demand surpassed even our expectations, and in some cases customer expectations were not met, and for that, we apologize.”

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