‘Complete horror': Witness describes Olive Garden shooting

Witness to Olive Garden shooting describes 'complete horror'

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man is dead and another is in custody after a shooting at the Olive Garden near Jefferson Mall Saturday night.

One witness who was in the restaurant describes the horrible moments after that one shot was fired.

Kristina Larkin was only about 10 minutes into her 19th birthday celebration with her family when she heard a commotion near the host stand. Now, she said those next few terrifying moments have been playing on a loop in her head.

“I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, I just heard a commotion and saw a crowd of people kind of arguing,” said Larkin. “Maybe 45 seconds after that I heard the shot.”

Larkin and her sister hid under the table as chaos broke out in the restaurant.

“That was the scariest moment of my life,” said Larkin. “It was complete horror. Looking around under the table and seeing everyone else in the restaurant under the table looking back at you, it was terrible.”

The sounds of people crawling under the tables and plates shattering in the kitchen only added to the confusion for Larkin. She heard a group of startled employees drop something in the kitchen.

“That was another loud boom, and it made me think that the shooter was still in the building, so that was another scary moment. So I just closed my eyes and huddled up on my sister,” said Larkin.

But by that time, Larkin said the shooter, 30-year-old Devone Briggs, had already run out of the restaurant. He only fired one shot into the chest of the victim.

Larkin said she finally opened her eyes and saw the victim, 25-year-old Jose Munoz.

25-year-old Jose Munoz was shot and killed after a shooting at the Olive Garden Saturday night.
25-year-old Jose Munoz was shot and killed after a shooting at the Olive Garden Saturday night.

“His eyes were open and he wasn’t moving,” said Larkin. “He wasn’t breathing and whoever was with him, his wife, was screaming and crying and saying ‘please, somebody call 911, someone help, someone help.’”

Munoz was only about 15 feet away from Larkin.

“I can’t really get the picture out of my head of him lying there on the ground,” said Larkin. “I can still see his face completely clear.”

Larkin says it was a traumatic experience for everyone inside of the restaurant, especially Munoz’s family who she says saw everything.

“All over a 45 second argument, it didn’t even last longer than that,” said Larkin.

At the end, Larkin said the situation only lasted a few minutes. She was only under the table for about a minute until employees ushered everyone into the kitchen once it was safe.

The shooter, 30-year-old Devone Briggs.
The shooter, 30-year-old Devone Briggs.

Police said Briggs was seen leaving the restaurant in a black Ford Fusion, which officers pulled over close by at Jefferson Mall. He admitted to the shooting during questioning and is facing several charges including murder. He’ll be in court Monday morning.

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