Delivery driver caught on camera tossing package from truck

Man upset after driver tosses package

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Sycamore Township man wants Amazon to make things right after a delivery driver was caught on surveillance camera throwing his package out of a truck.

“I was disgusted and flabbergasted actually. Didn’t know how to react to a situation like that,” said Nicholas Stewart-Locke.

Stewart-Locke was home and saw what happened. He says the driver tossed the package and it landed on the steps.

He owns his own business and orders tools and his medicine online

“Week after week. Day after day. We purchase multiple pharmaceuticals. We purchase picture frames, computer software,” said Stewart-Locke.

He’s hoping by sharing what happened to him, it won’t happen again

“I don’t know if they know what’s in those packages but regardless of what’s in it, it should be treated as if it’s fragile because the customer pays for that shipping,” said Stewart-Locke.

An Amazon spokesperson sent us the following statement, “This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners as we expect every package to be handled with care. We will address this with the delivery service partner and have reached out to the customer to make things right.”

“I was astonished. I was like why can’t we take five extra steps to get out of the car,” said Stewart-Locke.

Stewart-Locke says he’s an Amazon Prime member and will continue to be a customer of the company if they make things right.

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