Vet warns of animal cruelty after cat shot by BB gun in Harrison

Owner offering reward for information that leads to arrest
Updated: Mar. 6, 2019 at 7:47 PM EST
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HARRISON, OH (FOX19) - After someone shot and injured a cat with an air gun, a Harrison vet is warning pet owners to be vigilant.

Heidi Greer said she let her 4-year-old cat named “Pilot” outside on Thursday. On Friday, he came home whimpering and limping. A visit to the vet showed that he had been shot in the leg. It happened somewhere near Winding Way Road.

“Said it was a pellet, and it was flat inside of his leg, and it had just split the bone right in half," said Greer.


TONIGHT ON FOX19 NOW: "It's abuse is what it is." A local vet and a local woman are warning pet owners to be vigilant. They say animals are being shot with guns and BB guns. Most recently, it happened to this cat, named Pilot. We'll have the latest for you at 10 and 11.

Posted by Jessica Schmidt on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dr. Lori Kremer at the Harrison Animal Hospital said that the BB pellet barely missed a major nerve and artery. Pilot has had surgery, but he is not out of the woods. They may have to amputate his leg.

Still, Dr. Kremer sees Pilot as one of the lucky ones.

“Many of 'em die. That’s all there is to it," said Dr. Kremer. “It’s animal abuse is what it is.”

Dr. Kremer said that treating animal gunshot wounds is becoming commonplace. She said she has seen injuries from rifles, handguns and air soft guns.

“I can’t believe somebody would aim a gun at a helpless animal and just shoot it like that," said Greer.

Greer said all four of her cats will now stay inside. Pilot is no longer an indoor and outdoor cat.

“I do not trust anybody now, and it’s sad because I love my neighborhood, and I love my neighbors, and I never dreamed anyone would do this to him," said Greer.

Greer is now offering a reward for information because she would like to see the person responsible charged and arrested.

“They should not be aiming a gun at an innocent animal and getting away with it," said Greer. "They should spend a day or two in jail and think about what they did and have that on their record as animal cruelty.”

Their warning for others is to keep your pets close, even in the comfort of your own neighborhood.

“If they can shoot an innocent animal, who is to say they couldn’t shoot an innocent child?” said Greer.

Dr. Kremer believes Pilot may be well enough to go home from the hospital on Thursday.

Greer said she reported what happened to Harrison police, but officers told her they need more information to investigate. Greer is asking anyone with information to contact her on Facebook or call police.

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