Grandmother speaks out after infant’s death: ‘It was a horrible accident’

'It was a horrible accident'

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Saralin Walden was booked into the Butler County Jail Monday afternoon. She has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering children, accused of killing her 3-month-old baby.

Now, Walden’s grandmother is speaking out about what the family is calling a terrible accident.

To this day, she still keeps several pictures of her great grandchild in her cell phone.

“She was precious," she said.

Though the grandmother did not want her name released, she wanted to let everyone know that her granddaughter isn’t a monster. The 25-year old is accused of killing her 3-month-old baby Rae’Anna Stevenson.

On Oct. 23, Walden called 911 after she found Rae’Anna unresponsive in her home on the 1100 block of Highland Avenue in Hamilton.

“My baby’s not breathing please help." “Who’s not breathing?” asked the operator. "My daughter, she’s two months old,” said Walden in the 911 call.

The coroner still has not released the baby’s cause of death but the grandmother says that Walden was getting high right before her daughter’s injury.

“She apparently had done some drugs and had nodded off and fell on the baby. I don’t know how long she had nodded off,” said the grandmother.

She says when Walden woke up that’s when she saw the baby wasn’t breathing. Rae’Anna was taken to Children’s Hospital and died five days later. The family still isn’t sure exactly how the infant died.

“I saw the death certificate but it just says under investigation or something like that effect. There was no cause,” said the grandmother. “It was a horrible, horrible accident that never should’ve happened, but bad choices were made.”

She says the bad choice several months ago has now changed all of their lives forever.

“I don’t want her to have to serve time, but I’m sure she will. I just hope that whatever comes Sara’s way that she will definitely learn from this and God please stop the drugs. This drug business is getting out of hand. It’s taking innocent lives and hurting families,” said the grandmother.

Walden’s grandmother says that she will still continue to be by her side with whatever comes next. A court date has not yet been set.

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