Simply Money: Pi Day deals

Deals on Pi Day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Think back to math class and you may remember -- Pi is a mathematical constant equal to about 3.14. Which makes March 14 Pi Day! And that means great deals on everything from pizza to dessert!

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which seems like an odd thing to celebrate -- but who’s complaining with deals like these? Blaze Pizza in Mason has a special Pi Day deal but you’ll need to download the restaurant’s app, first, for the coupon. Then you can score a pizza for just $3.14!

Visit Boston Market’s website for a coupon and you can take advantage of a BOGO day deal there for Pi Day! Buy one pot pie and a drink, and you’ll get a second pie -- free!

Cici’s Pizza fans can head to its website and download a BOGO coupon there, too. Buy one adult buffet and large drink at Cici’s tomorrow -- and you can get a second for $3.14.

At Pieology Pizza tomorrow -- buy one Artisan Thin Pizza, and you’ll get a second pie for just $3.14!

And Jet’s is offering a similar deal: Buy a large pizza tomorrow -- and you’ll get a medium, one topping one for $3.14. Just make sure you use code “314” to get the deal.

Whole Foods is taking $3.14 off its large bakery pies tomorrow. And you’ll find that same pie discount at Kroger, on flavors including apple, cherry, peach and pumpkin!

Believe it or not -- there are even more Pi Day deals out there. You can find the full list here.

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