Norwood Police hope to hire 5 employees by summer

Norwood police understaffed, ready to hire

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) – The Norwood Police Department is hoping to hire at least five new employees by summer.

Police say the department is short-staffed with 42 personnel and two of them leaving by the end of March.

Police Lt. Ron Murphy has a lot of pride and passion for his crew and said, “We’re a little bit behind and we’re hoping to get this done quickly.”

FOX19’s Maytal Levi asked Murphy, “Is it hard operating and functioning as a department being short-staffed?”. He responded, “Yeah, it makes things more difficult but on a daily basis people won’t know the difference.”

Murphy says the drug unit is down a person and the department farms out their school resource officer to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. "There are just some things we can’t provide that service for anymore. We have fewer people in our detective division that we typically have and again it’s because we’re short-staffed.”

Murphy calls Norwood home and it’s where he’s raising his children. “I know how great this city can be and how great it is but it will not survive without a good, working, full-time police department,” he said.

The starting salary is $59,809 for the open positions.

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