Graphic: ‘Spring-loaded D--- bomb’ sent to doctors office causes ‘emotional distress,’ lawsuit says

Updated: Mar. 25, 2019 at 11:43 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In a move that would make Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Saturday Night Live characters proud, someone sent a rather risque package to a doctor’s office, but it’s no laughing matter for the office.

TriHealth is suing a company known for sexually explicit gag-gifts after receiving one of their products anonymously.

*Warning: parties and products involved in the story below contain graphic, sexually explicit names and images. Reader discretion is advised.*

TriHealth claims the website “D---s By Mail” intentionally or through negligence caused emotional distress to its employees.

The medical company says frightening phallus-shaped confetti was sent to their White Oak office on Cheviot Road, which operates as a family medical practice.

As the lawsuit states, “D---s By Mail” operates a website where a person can anonymously send edible gummy and non-edible confetti to third parties.

TriHealth says the website claims those third parties can include the sender’s “enemies," and describes its service as a means of retribution, among other things.

The medical company says it was sent the “confetti penises” from the website in a spring-loaded package described on the website as a “bomb.”

The lawsuit explains that when these packages are opened, the gummy or confetti “d---s” shoot out of the package, into the room, and onto the unsuspecting person who opened it.

*Warning: images depict sexually explicit items. Viewer discretion is advised.*

TriHealth says the ‘tube-shaped’ package arrived at their office Feb. 20, addressed to the medical office’s office manager.

“Nothing about the package warned it was a spring-loaded d--- bomb,” the lawsuit says. The package’s return address identified the sender as “Posters R Us.”

When the office manager opened the package, hundreds of confetti penises shot out, the medical company says, some of which struck the office manager who they describe as ‘startled and frightened.’

Those familiar with social media have likely seen ads for the explicit company. Their website also boasts ‘as seen on’ coverage from The Huffington Post, Vice, BuzzFeed, The Independent and Pixable.

The website describes their products as meant for ‘loved ones’ as a surprise or a joke meant to induce laughter, or foes they say ‘deserve that feeling of sadness, disappointment and betrayal.’

Based on their legal action, the office manager does not consider themselves a ‘loved one,' as they did not find humor in the projectile penis paper.

TriHealth is also claiming conspiracy by the website and interference with business relationships in their lawsuit.

Included in the suit is ‘Ruin Days’ and ‘,’ Cloud Peak LLC, Posters R Us and the John Doe who anonymously sent the package. All of the companies are named as associates of the website.

TriHealth released this statement to FOX19 on Monday: “This lawsuit was filed to obtain the name of an individual who sent a threatening package to one of our practices. We asked the company that sent the package for the name of the individual that ordered it be sent, but the company refused to provide us the name. We filed the lawsuit to obtain this name so we can evaluate if there is a threat against one of our practices and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and employees.”

TriHealth believes this is not the first time John Doe caused harm to its business.

The company believes the same person behind the fateful phalluses is the same person who anonymously called in a bomb threat to the medical office on Jan. 25.

TriHealth says it believes John Doe is disgruntled with company, the office or its staff and called the police after receiving the threat.

The office closed temporarily so the threat could be investigated.

Police tried to determine John Doe’s identity, TriHealth says, but was unsuccessful. They believe the ‘d--k bomb’ was John Doe’s second attempt to scare the employee.

TriHealth says one or all of the companies listed in the lawsuit knows the identity of John Doe and want that information made available to them.

The company claims John Doe and one or more the defendants knowingly, intentionally and improperly interfered with TriHealth’s business relationships with its patients and other third parties.

Due to John Doe’s ‘acts and omissions,' TriHealth says, it has suffered damages that will be proven at trial.

TriHealth is looking not only for the identity of their John Doe, but also for monetary compensation for its troubles which include costs and expenses from the lawsuit, along with any other relief the company feels it’s entitled to.

FOX19 NOW reached out to “D---s By Mail” for comment on this story and is waiting to hear back.

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