Woman sentenced to 95 years for slaying of Purple Heart recipient & his daughter

Woman sentenced to life in prison

LAWRENCEBURG, IND. (FOX19) - A woman convicted in the murders of a Purple Heart recipient and his daughter was sentenced to 95 years on Tuesday.

Margie Thompson pleaded guilty to two murder counts last month, court records show.

Indiana prison inmates are required to serve 75 percent of their sentence, so prosecutors say Thompson will be 119 when she is released.

Thompson participated in the killing of Walter Bryant Jr and Faith Craig on Jan. 17, 2018 at their southeastern Indiana home, according to prosecutors.

“95 years... that was the plea agreement myself and defense counsel asked Judge Humphrey to accept in this case. Quantifying an appropriate sentence for the taking of two human lives, is not an easy task. No matter what sentence is received, it will not bring back Faith Craig and her Dad, Walter Bryant Jr. This plea in essence, is a life sentence for the Defendant. Hopefully the family received justice today on one of the defendants,” Prosecutor Lynn Deddens said.

Walter Bryant Jr. (Photo provided)
Walter Bryant Jr. (Photo provided)

Craig’s son, Cody Booth, also is involved in the case.

He has been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery in serious bodily injury and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Officials say Booth waived his Miranda Rights before confessing to killing his mother and grandfather.

Booth has told authorities he woke up feeling ‘dope sick’ and began thinking of ways to get more drugs to keep he and Thompson, his girlfriend, from becoming sicker.

Cody Booth, Margie Thompson
Cody Booth, Margie Thompson

After killing Bryant and Craig, officials say Booth and Thompson began gathering items to pawn and buy more drugs in Colerain.

Among the items taken were $180 from Bryant’s wallet, jewelry, Bryant’s car, multiple guns, golf clubs, TVs, and a laptop.

Officials say Thompson initially denied any involvement in the killings but later waived her Miranda Rights and confessed to police.

“I don’t like it but it’s done, it’s over with now. She’ll be forgotten, who cares about her.” said friend and Vietnam Veterans Chapter 71 member, Jerry Bondurant.

“I just told the outstanding qualities of Walt and Faith.. What he did for veterans and what he did for the United States..I always said, Walt was just a notch above the rest of us. A true American hero.” said friend and member of Veterans Chapter 71, P.G. Gentrup.

Prosecutors are seeking life in prison for Booth.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 30.

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