Family fears missing Hamilton woman could be in danger

Family: Missing Hamilton woman could be in danger

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Relatives of a missing Hamilton woman are desperate for information because they fear she is in danger.

Pamela Allen, 57, was supposed to go to a family birthday party in Trenton on March 16, but she never showed up.

The last time family members saw her, they said she was leaving her home in Hamilton near Grand and Parkamo.

“She had left their house for cigarettes and did not return," said Patricia Koverman, Allen’s mother.

Loved ones believe Allen was wearing a light tan jacket, khaki pants and white shoes when she drove off that day in a 1999 gold Chevy Malibu.

Police say Pamela Allen went missing March 16.
Police say Pamela Allen went missing March 16.

“Nobody has heard from her at all," said Koverman.

Koverman is distraught over her daughter’s disappearance. She does not live in the area and feels helpless trying to find her.

“Mothers want to protect their kids, and I can’t do anything," said Koverman.

She said that Allen suffers from mental health problems that could put her in harm’s way.

“She has emotional and psychological issues that we’re concerned could hamper her judgment," said Koverman.

Allen’s family members said they reported her disappearance to police, and detectives have checked possible places Allen could be, including local hospitals, but there has been no sign of her so far.

Friends and family are using social media as a tool by sharing Allen’s pictures with the public.

“If you saw her, or you know something, please let someone know," said Koverman.

Koverman said that if Allen herself is listening, she has a message she wants her daughter to hear: "Please, if you don’t want to come home, just let us know you’re alright.”

People who live near Allen said they often see her walking through the neighborhood, but they have not seen her in several weeks.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Hamilton Police at 513-868-5811.

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