Police say man has made habit of sneaking into gyms, taking things from lockers

Serial wallet thief?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A warrant was issued Tuesday for 29-year-old wanted by Cincinnati police for theft.

FOX19 is told Jason Spaulding is also wanted in Butler County. Police say he likes to go into places like Planet Fitness in Oakley and steal things out of people’s unlocked lockers.

One of those alleged victims is Tom Webb.

“I was there for about an hour,” Webb said. “I was an idiot -- I didn’t lock the locker. I didn’t think (someone) was going to steal my keys from my locker."

The offender is accused of going into Webb’s car.

“I had my wallet in my locked car in the glove box, it was missing," said Webb.

Cincinnati police say the man who stole that wallet was Spaulding. They say he went to the Apple Store and tried to make purchases. Webb says Spaulding tried to buy $4,000 worth of products.

Police said Spaulding also hit up an LA Fitness and other Planet Fitness locations in the past. They say he would often wait until there is a crowd of people and sneak in behind them. Police say he has a history of hitting up various gyms around the Tri-State.

Since 2010, Spaulding has been arrested numerous times with many of those arrests involving theft offenses.

Webb said he has a message for the suspect.

“Stop stealing stuff," Webb said. "Work for your money.”

If you have any helpful information for authorities, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 513-352-3040.

Police say Spaulding already has a court date for April 2, but it’s unclear if he will show up.

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