Woman captured on camera going wild inside East Cleveland, OH liquor store

Employees say she was upset because she’d been banned from the store after past problems.

Woman captured on camera going wild inside East Cleveland, OH liquor store

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -- Employees claim a woman trashed Nemo’s Liquor on Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland because she was banned from the business because of past problems.

In the video, the woman -- an enraged customer -- spit at the cashier.

The cashier threw items back at the woman, but it doesn’t stop her. She went on to wreck the entire front counter.

A witness said, “She was knocking everything over. She wanted to fight. She was swinging on people.”

Almost every customer interviewed Thursday evening said they saw the video posted publicly on social media.

A minute into the video, the security guard stepped into the video.

Thursday, Cleveland 19 discovered why it took him a minute to jump in. The security guard pointed something out in the beginning of the video.

A tall man stood in between the guard and the woman as she started her tantrum.

Even after the guard got involved, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

“It didn’t really help. It was like he was beating her up or something,” a witness said. “He wasn’t diffusing the situation."

Finally, the woman left the store.

Witnesses who called 911 during the attack said East Cleveland police didn’t arrive at Nemo’s for another 20 minutes.

Cleveland 19 called detectives to get a copy of the incident report made, however, it appeared one was never filed.

The cashier who was spat on said she wanted to file a police report, but for some reason, East Cleveland police didn’t take one.

Cleveland 19 is working to find out why. Check this story for updates.

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