Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones takes plea deal in casino incident; video sheds light on accusations

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones takes plea deal in casino incident; video sheds light on accusations
Adam “Pacman” Jones appeared in court Friday. (WXIX) (Source: WXIX)

RISING SUN, IN (FOX19) - New video has emerged in the case of a former Cincinnati Bengal who got into trouble at a southeastern Indiana casino.

Adam “Pacman” Jones appeared in court Friday. The video shows him scrapping with law enforcement after he was accused of cheating at the Rising Star Casino. Jones pleaded guilty as part of a deal this week.

Jones had been accused of several felonies and misdemeanors stemming from the February incident. According to the Indiana Gaming Commission, they were called to investigate a patron for possible cheating at a gaming table.

New video shows Jones dropping an extra chip as a dealer reveals the cards; this is called bet capping, and it is illegal.

Video released after Adam Jones arrest

Police say Jones became verbally combative and disorderly once he was confronted. He’s also accused of threatening to kill an Indiana Gaming Commission officer and striking or grabbing a public safety official, among other allegations.

In the plea deal, he agreed to plead guilty to cheating at gambling, a felony, and resisting law enforcement, which is a misdemeanor.

Authorities say it will amount to a two-week jail sentence, though for time served he will actually do one full week in jail for the incident.

Jones’ felony conviction could be lowered to a misdemeanor if he gets through probation without any additional incidents.

Jones last played for the Denver Broncos. The Bengals declined to pick up his $5.5 million contract option a couple of years ago.

He’ll be in the Dearborn County lock-up until about mid-week next week.

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