NKY authorities believe hoax SWAT caller may live near residence

NKY authorities believe hoax SWAT caller may live near residence
Squad cars gathered on the 500 block of Rosary Drive. (Source: WXIX)

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Police are still looking for the person who “swatted” them this week in northern Kentucky.

FOX19 has obtained the 911 call that created the dangerous standoff situation involving 40 members of law enforcement surrounding a home. The shooting and possible kidnapping was a hoax but the call to Kenton County dispatch seemed very real.

“I shot my mom,” said the caller.

“I’m sorry,” said the dispatcher.

“I shot my mom,” the caller said.

'Swatting' call released

The call prompted a two-hour standoff with dozens of officers and drawn weapons.

“Like I said, if I see cops, I’m killing them,” the caller says.

Also on scene Thursday was Kenton County Commonweath Attorney Rob Sanders who saw everything first hand.

“We’ve got very talent well-trained officers in Kenton County but no SWAT team is perfect," he said. “So it creates a very dangerous situation when you put them into a situation where they think they have a homicidal person barricaded inside already threatening to shoot police.”

The caller seemed to disguise his voice except for a few seconds at the beginning of the call.

Authorities suspect the caller lives near the residence and may have wanted to watch the law enforcement response. One official told FOX19 they don’t think the caller will find it quite as funny when they are found out.

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