“Chick-fil-A is ANTI-GAY” protesters ride Cincinnati Cyclones Zamboni

“Chick-fil-A is ANTI-GAY” protesters ride Cincinnati Cyclones Zamboni
Credit: John Byczkowski/Provided by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - According to our partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer, a public protest took place at the center of the Cincinnati Cyclones’ game at US Bank Arena where people held “Chick-fil-A is ANTI-GAY” signs.

People snuck the signs aboard the "Fan Zam" Zamboni during the game's first intermission, according to the Cyclones' Twitter account.

The "Fan Zam," labeled for sponsor Chick-fil-A, carts people around the rink.

The signs were hidden inside a birthday sign, according to the Twitter post. The people, who are seen on Reddit riding with the signs in the "Fan Zam" with Chick-fil-A's cow mascot were tossed by the Cincinnati Cyclones from the game.

The fast-food chain continues to be criticized for anti-gay marriage statements made in years past by the company’s CEO, according to a recent USA Today article.