Report shows future FCC stadium noise will still be an issue

Final report released on FCC noise issues

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - When FC Cincinnati scores, the fans go wild, and that’s the issue Music Hall is concerned about with their close proximity to the soon-to-be home of Cincinnati’s MLS team.

The new stadium in the West End will be one of the largest soccer-specific stadiums in Major League Soccer. It could hold up to 26,000 fans. But all that sound from games will affect practices and performances inside Music Hall, according to findings in a new and final 38-page report released Tuesday.

Consulting firm Akustiks says the “most recent design plans of the stadium show that the design modifications to the stadium do not yet fully address the noise intrusion issues at Music Hall.” In the study, noise simulations were tested under three conditions:

  • A typical soccer match with a full stadium of 26,000 fans.
  • A high-level concert with the stage positioned at the north end of the field, facing south.
  • A high-level concert with the stage positioned at the south end of the field, facing north.

Results revealed impacts on Music Hall, Springer Auditorium, May Festival Chorus Room, The Ballroom, Wilks Studio, and Corbett Tower.

The report also revealed plans to decrease the sound heard by the games. Those plans suggest installing barriers in Music Hall and inside the new FC stadium.

“From what we can see in the latest FC Cincinnati design submission, there are still openings between the underside of the stadium room and the top of the seating bowl. Our model indicates that this allows a significant amount of sound to leak from the stadium into the surrounding community. When these openings are closed up in our model, the impact in the surrounding community drops significantly,” said the study’s lead acoustician Paul Scarbrough.

FC Cincinnati sent FOX19 this statement on the study’s findings Tuesday afternoon: Sound concerns are being addressed in a process agreed upon in the February 12, 2019 “Agreement of Cooperation and Support” between FCC, Music Hall, Ballet and other Arts Organizations. FCC just received the Akustiks studies and will meet with Arts Organizations to discuss. FCC engaged Arup to provide acoustics consulting services. This sound study is underway. Most of FCC matches are expected to be played at times that are different than Music Hall performances. Furthermore, FCC’s stadium will have an enclosed seating bowl and full perimeter canopy, mitigating most noise disruption. We are committed to working in good faith with Arts Organizations on a collaborative resolution to adequately assess and mitigate sound conflicts that may arise.

The full report can be read here:

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