Springfield residents say coyotes have their neighborhood under siege

Springfield residents say coyotes have their neighborhood under siege

SPRINGFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - Residents in a Springfield Township neighborhood say that their pets are under attack.

One man sadly had to watch his cat trying to escape a pack of coyotes. Now he and several others are asking for the township to step in to help.

Home surveillance video captures a cat running for its life with two coyotes following close behind.

The cat named Carlos belongs to Tony Wagner.

“Carlos is gone. I’m sure of it. After I saw the video of the coyotes chasing him,” said Wagner.

Springfield residents say coyotes have their neighborhood under siege

HAVEN'T SEEN THEIR CAT SINCE: Springfield residents say coyotes have this neighborhood under siege >> https://bit.ly/2KEWhIG

Posted by FOX19 on Monday, April 15, 2019

Wagner says a neighbor showed him the video after searching for Carlos in the area for more than a week.

“It was terrible. My wife was in tears it was her cat. You know cats pick their human and she was devastated. We all were,” said Wagner.

Two weeks later Wagner’s other cat named Echo got out and they haven’t see her since.

“So we got a feeling that the coyotes got them,” said Wagner.

After Echo went missing, Wagner went to the township to express his concerns. FOX19 spoke with the Township Administrator, Chris Gilbert, who says there isn’t much they can do to control the wildlife but residents can try to do more to protect their pets.

The township suggests keeping pets inside during the night when coyotes are most active, not leaving garbage outside, and building a fence.

"Coyotes can jump about six feet. They're pretty limber, we'd have to have a big wall. There was mention that you can shoot them but we don't want to be wielding guns around here," said Wagner.

Wagner says he’d hate to see his neighborhood transformed into the wild, wild west. His concern is that the coyotes are becoming more aggressive, especially after seeing our story about a pit bull that narrowly escaped an attack a block away.

“What’s really scary is that coyote attacking the pit bull up there which is a pretty meaty animal. It could be a little kid,” said Wagner.

Wagner says his home owners association is now trying to come up with a solution. They are currently discussing a trap and release program to move the coyotes out of the area.

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