Madisonville mom claims girls at school bullied son into suicide attempt

A five-member board met late Wednesday trying to decide what’s next

Mom claims son bullied into suicide attempt

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Madisonville mom is calling for justice for her young son.

She is furious after she claims a group of girls at her son’s school bullied him into attempting suicide. He’s in Children’s Hospital and wants to come home.

His baby brother, his mom says, misses him.

The mom said her son will never set foot back inside Madisonville Smart Elementary School after a group of so-called “mean girls,” she claims, tried to bully him into hanging himself with a belt inside the boy’s bathroom at the school. A five-member board met for a few hours late Wednesday night trying to decide what’s next.

“I get a call stating from the receptionist that my son tried to commit suicide in the bathroom,” she said.

The single mom of two boys asked us not to reveal her name or her son’s as they try to get through what’s been a heartbreaking time. The incident allegedly happened Monday.

The mom says the group wanted him to do a challenge called “Will you die for your mother?" She says the boy already lost his father to murder a few years ago and his heart is still broken.

"He was found in the boy’s bathroom inside the school with a belt wrapped around his neck,” said the mom, who added it must have been so traumatic for her son’s fifth-grade friend who found his buddy coughing and crying and struggling.

“A girl seen his friend in the hallway and said you better check on your friend, because he’s trying to kill himself,” she said.

His mom said they took her son to the nurse’s station and that’s when the nurse called her.

“She said ‘Can you come pick him up from school? We’re trying to calm him down, he’s upset, but we got him calm.' I said no! You call 911!” she said. “She said, ‘Well, you’re gonna have to pay for it, the ambulance, we’re not paying for it.’"

The mother says she isn’t sure why.

“I guess they’re trying to keep it a secret, I’m not really sure,” she said.

District 2 officers took the boy to Children’s Hospital where he told his mother this, “Mom, I just can’t imagine being without two parents. I’d rather you be here than me.”

“He’s sad," said the mother. “Of course, he didn’t really want to end his life. He said, mom, all I thought was being without you, and I don’t want to be without you.”

She said the girls’ parents got a phone call, and a note was sent home only to parents of sixth-graders, but those girls are back in school.

"The girls are still there and they're laughing about it,” she said. "It's so sad!"

The woman’s cousin said the boy is a smart, athletic, good kid.

"He's never attempted to do anything like that,” she said. “Even when his dad passed away. He's been a very strong child through it all."

"It’s a shame that these kinds of things happen, but certainly they are being addressed,” said David Cash, who is President of Charter School Specialists for St. Aloysius, who sponsors the school. “The Board reviewed the situation with school administration, reviewed all of the actions that had been taken, all the appropriate actions have been taken by the board at this point.”

Cash said the board has to follow Ohio’s Revised Code and anti-bullying is among the 20 statutory requirements for all Ohio schools.

There are 320 public charter schools across the state, serving approximately 120,000 students.

The boy’s mom will meet with the School Resource Officer first thing Thursday morning at the school.

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