Teens arrested after vandalizing dozens of cars in Liberty Twp

Teens accused of shooting car windows in Liberty Twp

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A group of teens in Liberty Township caused thousands of dollars of damage after they went on a rampage, vandalizing several cars in the neighborhood with a BB gun, according to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Lauren Tuck had to take extra time off of work on Monday to get her niece’s car window repaired. Tuck says she was getting into the car on Friday night when she noticed someone had busted out the driver’s side window.

"I came out to move her car and it was raining that day and I got right up on it and saw that it was broken. It was glass everywhere and as soon as we moved the car it all shattered into the car," said Tuck.

She says the doors were still locked and nothing was touched inside the car. At first she was frightened because she thought someone might be after her family.

“I thought maybe, wow -- we are getting targeted," Tuck said. “What did we do?”

Tuck quickly learned that her niece’s car was one of nearly 16 reports of vandalism in the neighborhood. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says that they believe several teens were shooting out car windows with a BB gun.

Emily Bein learned that two of her cars were damaged on Saturday after a deputy knocked on her door.

“I guess they were patrolling in the area and let us know that one of our cars had gotten damaged. Before they left we checked all the other cars I noticed my windows were blown out as well,” said Bein.

Her jeep is still covered in plastic. Bein says the teens shot out both of her windows.

“It really sucks you guy did that. That’s a lot of money for a lot of people that they’re really put out by that. It’s terrible," Bein said.

A deputy was doing a routine patrol Sunday night when they came across three teens, each armed with a pellet gun. They were arrested and taken into custody. Residents in the area say the punishment should be making the vandals pay for all the damage they caused.

Deputies say there may be more cars that were vandalized over the weekend that were not reported. They are asking everyone to check their cars and report any damage to 513-785-1300.

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