FCC promises to help West End residents find homes

FC Cincinnati promises to help residents find homes

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FC Cincinnati promised West End residents that no one would be displaced as a result of construction of their new stadium and on Thursday they are announcing a plan to get involved.

Cincinnati City Council voted five to two Wednesday night to hold FC Cincinnati to its promise that no West End residents would be displaced by the construction of its new stadium.

“We’re working to support folks because we have empathy for that this isn’t easy. I am sympathetic. We are going above and beyond what the law requires to help them and we should," FCC President Jeff Berding said.

Council said it would not rezone property the team owns just north of the stadium site unless people who live there were allowed to live in a building the team owns, according to our partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Originally West End residents were given an April 30 deadline to move out of their homes to make room for new developments, but the soccer club said they can have until June if necessary.

“There’s a lot of concern about that. It seems to me that the first thing that ought to be done is confirm that on April 30 people are not going to be evicted and the team’s going to make every effort to work this out,” said City Councilmember David Mann.

Berding addressed the issue Thursday afternoon saying they want to help the remaining tenants find housing that works for their individual situations.

Berding says they will give the residents more time if they need it to find a place to live.

The residents have communicated that they want to meet collectively with FCC and Berding says they are willing to do that.

Berding said the two properties in question are not included in the zoning request before council and he’s troubled they wouldn’t vote on zoning when the properties are not part of the vote.

He said he has scheduled a meeting with the remaining residents and will address their concerns.

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