Jury recommends life sentence for Kenton County child molester

Jury recommends life sentence for Kenton County child molester
Jeremy Breeden

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Kenton County Jury has recommended the maximum sentence for a man found guilty of child molestation.

Jeremy Breeden, 41, was found guilty of sodomy and two county of sexual abuse, all against a child under the age of 12.

According to Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, the jury took ten minutes to return the recommended sentence of life plus 20 years and asked for those sentences to run consecutively.

The child testified while spending the night at Breeden’s home in Bromley, KY, he entered a room where the child was laying in bed and sexually abused them.

The attorney’s office said the child told the mother and she testified she confronted Breeden via text message immediately after learning of the abuse.

The mother said Breeden denied the allegations repeatedly the first day, but the following day his words began to change. The mother saved her text messages and called the Park Hills Police Department, according to the attorney’s office.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders highlighted 26 texts in the case where Breeden made incriminating references such as apologizing to the child, healing the child, and rebuilding the child’s trust.

Breeden took the stand in his own defense and said the prosecutor was taking his words out of context in some instances.

“Jeremy Breeden’s own attempts to talk the child’s mother out of calling the police ultimately secured his conviction,” Sanders said in a news release. “The defendant smugly thought his words would convince this mother not to turn him in, but he thought very wrong because she was a ferocious advocate for her baby as every good mother should be. This child was brave as brave as the child was honest, and just a fantastic witness."

Kenton Circuit Judge Patricia Summe will impose his final sentence in May.

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