Pit bull sends man to hospital, kills his dog in Middletown attack

Man and dog attacked by another dog

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A man and his dog were rushed to the hospital after they were attacked by a pit bull outside of their home.

Richard Warren’s Middletown home remains empty. His neighbors tell FOX19 that he is still in the hospital recovering from a fractured hip and several bites on his hand. According to police his Pomeranian Cocoa did not survive the attack.

Warren's neighbor Susan Saucedo was one of the last people to see him on April 17.

“I was looking out the door and I seen him take his dog and walk around the block,” said Saucedo.

She says he never made it back home. According to the police report Warren was walking his dog Cocoa when a gray pit bull ran from a yard nearby and started biting Cocoa. According to the report Warren was trying to push the pit bull off of his dog, but that’s when the pit bull started attacking Warren, knocking him to the ground.

“I saw the cops and drive by and an ambulance and I was like uh oh -- something happened,” said Saucedo.

She walked down the street to the corner of Lafayette and Cherry and that’s when she noticed that her neighbor was in trouble.

“I seen him laying on the ground and there was a white truck and I guess two guys got out and beat the dog off of him,” said Saucedo.

The owner of the pit bull was issued a summons but several who live on the street say more needs to be done, especially since the neighborhood is filled with kids.

Several who live on Lawn Avenue say there has been a recent problem with dogs running loose but they are still stunned to learn Warren was hurt and that his dog was killed.

“He’s a nice person and I like his dog really well. It’s sad. It’s real sad people can’t keep their animals under control,” said Saucedo.

Now many in the area are keeping a tighter control on their children.

“I got my grandkids and they ride their bikes and stuff and it was just a shock -- you never know,” said Saucedo.

Police say the owner of the pit bull was not at home during the attack. According to the police report she told police she was not aware of how the dog could have gotten out. The Butler County Dog Warden has labeled the dog as vicious.

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