Family, police pleading for information in 2017 disappearance of Lawrenceburg man

Police believe Batchelor got into an older model light gray or green pick-up truck

Plea for information in missing man case

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - The mother of a missing Lawrenceburg man is trying something new to get information while police continue to investigate the case.

Joshua Batchelor, then 37, has been missing for two years. His mother, Linda Moehring, said it has been two years of painful days and sleepless nights. More than anything, she wants to know what happened to her son.

“It’s a million times worse than you can ever imagine,” said Moehring. “I can’t give up. This is my child. This is my son.”

Indiana State Police detectives and Batchelor’s loved ones are now laying out all of the facts as they know them, hoping it could crack the case. They said the father of three disappeared on April 26, 2017. He was last seen alive leaving his grandfather’s home on Front Street in Lawrenceburg.

“He said, ‘My ride’s here,’ and he said ‘But I’ll probably see you tomorrow,’” said Moehring.

Police believe Batchelor got into an older model light gray or green pick-up truck.

“No one has ever come forward to say ‘I’m the person who picked him up that morning, and I took him here or there,’" said Moehring. “That is what I find so scary.”

Batchelor left without his wallet, but with his cell phone, according to police. The detective on the case said that Batchelor’s phone has not been used or located since then.

“I do not believe that my son is alive. I don’t know,” said Moehring. “I keep praying and hoping that he is since there’s been no body found.”

Investigators believe foul play is possible. They said they have gotten tips and leads, some more sinister than others, indicating Batchelor may have been beaten. They have not been able to confirm any of the leads and do not have anything concrete.

“There’s been all kinds of rumors and all kinds of stories,” said Moehring. “I’ve talked to lots of people, and the police and the state police have talked to lots of people, but we are hitting dead ends.”

Moehring is now offering a reward that doesn’t come with any stipulations. She said anyone can report any information anonymously and receive the reward should the information lead them to Batchelor.

“I’m offering $5,000 if someone would just give a call to someone and say where my son is located," said Moehring. “This family just wants him found one way or the other, and they want closure.”

Investigators and Batchelor’s family members are asking anyone with information to come forward. They said they would really like to speak with the person who gave Batchelor a ride the day he disappeared.

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