Police investigating after historical building is vandalized in Goshen Twp

Historic property vandalized

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A historical building was vandalized in Goshen Township, and police say it could lead to criminal charges.

For centuries, the buildings at the Cook Log Cabin Heritage Center, near Goshen High School, have stood the test of time. On the property, there are numerous historical buildings and items, including a functioning blacksmith shop, a carriage, a cabin and a bank barn from the early 1800s.

“We have a lot of classes taught on site, and so it’s a working history,” said Jim Poe, a past president of the Goshen Township Historical Society.

Volunteers with the Goshen Township Historical Society preserve the property that is owned by Goshen Schools. It is used frequently by professional photographers, students and other organizations.

“Really been a huge, huge thing for our community. They use it so much. They picnic here. When relatives come in, they bring them here," said Poe.

Maintaining history does come with a price tag. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been put into restoring the buildings and replicas to keep them authentic and representative of an early 1800s farm. Poe said he was disappointed to learn someone had vandalized one of the historical buildings.

Whoever did the damage ripped off a door and broke several windows, according to police. Poe said it is repairable, and the door has already been fixed. However, Poe said he finds it hard to understand why some people do not honor their heritage.

“Obviously somebody did it, and it was wrong, and it hurt," said Poe. “Our local kids are so protective of this area, and I’m sure we have some very, very upset high school students over here in this building right now.”

Goshen’s police chief said they are investigating and are hopeful they will track down the person, or people, responsible. Poe said they will be installing security cameras to keep the vandals from coming back.

Goshen Township celebrates its 200th birthday this year. Poe said there will be several bicentennial events planned on the property. He hopes the damage does not continue, but said nothing will stop them from keeping history alive. Anyone with information is asked to contact Goshen Township Police at 513-722-3200.

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