‘Lou’ the starved dog’s owner bonds out of jail twice in 1 night

‘Lou’ the starved dog’s owner bonds out of jail twice in 1 night
"Lou" Photo: Courtesy Animal Friends Humane Society

REILY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County man charged with starving his dog to death in the backyard of his Reily Township home bonded out of jail not once, but twice in one night.

A judge issued a $25,000 bond for David Neanover, 36, Thursday.

Neanover is accused of starving his 2-year-old dog. Animal Friends Humane Society named the dog Lou.

They say Lou was 23 pounds underweight and covered in open sores due to a fungal infection. Rocks were also found in Lou’s stomach, ones they believe he ate because he was so hungry.

Thursday night, Neanover paid the cash bond and was released from jail, but court record show that later that day Neanover was re-arrested for unpaid traffic fines.

Documents show that Hamilton police arrested Neanover again while hew as still at the jail around 7 p.m. — this time, for contempt of court.

Officials say he owed $141 in traffic fines.

Neanover paid those fines and was once again released from jail.

Lou died Saturday after the humane society worked to save his life for five days.

Neanover was arrested April 25 after Butler County dog wardens responded to his home at 6165 Main Street and found the dog.

Lou had an ulcer on his tongue, making it difficult for him to eat or drink at this point, they say.

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Dog Warden Abigail Forkner says Lou probably went two months without food based on his condition.

Neanover appeared in Hamilton Municipal court Friday morning. He remains out on bond.

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