Search warrant executed in West Chester quadruple homicide case; no arrests made

SWAT raid on West Chester apartment

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Officials say a search warrant was executed Friday in relation to a quadruple homicide at a West Chester apartment complex.

West Chester Township officials say the warrant was set to be executed Friday afternoon in the area of Autumn Woods Lane. Police and SWAT raided an apartment at Beckett Meadows, about a mile up the road from where the killings took place.

Earlier this week, three women and one man were killed after multiple gunshots were fired at Lakefront at West Chester apartment complex, according to police.

The victims were identified as Hakikat Singh Panag, 59, his wife Paramjit Kaur, 62, their daughter Shalinder Kaur, 39, and his wife’s sister, Amarjit Kaur, 58, the Butler County Coroner’s Office confirmed.

FOX19 has learned the family whose apartment was raided is related to the four people murdered this past week.

No arrests were made as a result of Friday’s search warrant, however.

FOX19 climbed to the third floor, expecting to see a door jamb shattered, but it was all intact. We knocked on the same door SWAT had knocked on just hours earlier. Two men who stepped outside to speak with us, and asked not to show their faces or reveal their names.

They said it was their four family members murdered.

Sunday, a man told a dispatcher he came home and found four relatives on the ground.

"They're all down. No one's talking. No one's talking," he said. "They're bleeding."

Those who spoke with FOX19 on Friday said that man who survived is struggling.

“He doesn’t talk much,” the one man replied.

“It’s a disaster," the other man replied. “He lost his wife of 17 to 18 years, he lost everything that he knows, ya know?”

They said they don’t want to break the kids’ hearts, waiting for the right time, knowing there will never be a right time to break the horrific news that their family is gone.

As for their tight-knit Indian community at the local temple, they both said the support has been amazing.

"They’re very supportive and it helps a lot,” one of the men said.

They’re not sure if police took anything on Friday, but are fully cooperating with the investigation and hope to get answers soon as to who killed their family.

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