Man accidentally shoots gun in showroom of northern KY gun range; no charges filed

No one was hurt

Gun accidentally fired in showroom

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A man going to fire rounds at a local gun range accidentally shot his gun in the showroom with several bystanders nearby. Now some are concerned about the way the range handled the incident.

Chance Smith decided to stop by Shoot Point Blank on Monday in Florence to celebrate his 20th birthday. After he paid, he shopped around the showroom waiting for his turn on the range. That’s when he says he got a startling surprise.

“I was asking the older gentleman how much 556 ammo was and we hear a firearm go off. It clearly was not in the range so everyone put their hands over their ears,” said Smith.

Smith says he was near the gun case when he saw the man with the pistol accidentally fire a shot.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I looked up and I seen him put his hands up. The general manager asked him how it happened and he said he was trying to lock the slide back and his finger slipped and hit the trigger,” said Smith.

According to Florence police, the man accidentally shot at a metal table or a similar object nearby and the bullet went into the floor.

No one was hurt.

"When he pulled it out if he wasn't pointing it at the ground it could have ended in a different way. One of the workers or customers could have gotten shot," said Smith.

However, he says the biggest shock was when he saw the man walk into the range after the incident. Smith says the general manager still allowed the man to shoot targets.

"I feel like it could have been handled differently. I love to shoot there and I don't like to think it's an unsafe place," said Smith.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Shoot Point Blank several times and the management did not return our calls. The rules posted on the website say, “Please keep all firearms cased until you are at the firing line” and “Firearms kept outside the range booth must be unloaded and have the action or slide locked back.”

A recent review from a visitor at the same location states that there was another accidental shooting last week on the range.

"I think they definitely need to enforce the rules that they have, and make sure it's being followed," said Smith.

Florence police say no criminal charges have been filed.

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