Ohio film tax cut could put Cincinnati movies in jeopardy

Wrap on Ohio's film tax credit?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati area has been popular among Hollywood filmmakers, but the incentive to draw big films to town could be coming to an end.

Glendale resident, Eric Ransbottom, has worked on films like “Dry Run,” “Point Blank,” “The Public and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,” which were all shot throughout the region.

Ransbottom said both he and his wife work in film and depend on major motion pictures coming to the area to pay their bills.

“The pride that I feel walking off a movie set and seeing my city and everyone jazzed and enthused about something cool being made here is amazing,” he said.

As of Thursday, the state’s budget plan (House Bill 166) eliminates taxes for anyone making less than $22,500 and cuts taxes for everyone by 6.6%. Ohio House lawmakers said they were able to do this by cutting and reducing certain tax breaks like the motion picture tax credit.

Ransbottom said the work he does as a colorist is so particular that his skills are only needed on large scale films. He adds, if the tax incentive is cut his family might have to move.

“We just bought a house, we have two dogs here, our families are here. We live close to our families and we see them every day. We don’t want to leave. We love Ohio,” he said.

Earlier this week, the State Senate passed the bill keeping the tax incentive in place, but now that the Ohio House passed plans to cut the incentive it will go back to the Senate for reconciliation.

Ransbottom said when he and his wife graduated from college they interviewed at jobs in New York and Los Angeles but were thrilled when the film tax credit brought films to Ohio.

The budget will land on Governor Mike DeWine’s desk in June for his signature and film organizations across the state are pushing lawmakers to keep the incentive.

The film industry employs 35,000 people directly and indirectly across the state, according to Film Cincinnati’s website.

The organization also said films coming to town feed dollars to local businesses like area hotels and restaurants.

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