After string of OTR shootings, vigil attendees call for peace

Vigil held after string of shootings in OTR

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Community leaders are calling for change after three shooting investigations in the same area of Over the Rhine in the past month.

The first happened back in April near Grand Park. A shooting victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Then, on Wednesday night, a deadly sharing in the same area near that park. An arrest has been made in that case.

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Now, on Friday, a third shooting took place in the neighborhood.

Soon after, those who attended a vigil for the Wednesday shooting called for peace.

Teriona Williams is 18. She should be focusing on her upcoming graduation from high school. Instead, she’s remembering her father and what he taught her about life.

“He’s the reason I’m going to graduate because he pushed me, he made sure. I was scared to mess up, he made me want to make it,” she said. “My daddy, he prepared me for this world.”

Her father, 36-year-old Ladon Williams, was gunned down for an unknown reason in his car on East McMicken in OTR on Wednesday.

To remember the father of five, family members lit candles and released balloons at Friday’s vigil. His wife even talked about helping the youth in the community, as his shooter is just 16.

“He wanted to do something for the kids -- since he gone, I just feel like in honor of him we should do something for the kids especially the black kids in our neighborhoods, they ain’t got nothing to do,” said Terri Kellam.

Unfortunately, the spot where he lost his life was the scene of another shooting Friday. This time it was accidental, though it is another reminder of Ladon Williams, and his mother says her life will never be the same.

“That kid that pulled the trigger, that kid knew what he was doing,” said Sheila Williams. “SO he’s going to get what he gets. I don’t care if he got life. I still wouldn’t be happy.”

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