Defense raises question of who shot Association of the Blind worker in March 2017

Deonte Baber murder trial begins

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Testimony is underway in the trial of a man charged with killing a worker for the Association of the Blind.

Two years ago, Jamie Urton was driving through a Walnut Hills neighborhood when he hit a boy with his car. When he stopped to check on the child, investigators say the boy’s father Jamal Killings beat Urton. And then, they say, Deonte Baber shot and killed him.

Baber is on trial.

It's a case that Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters called profoundly disgusting.

There are two people involved in the prosecution of the murder of Urton. One is who prosecutors believed pulled the trigger -- the other is someone who was complicit in the killing.

Before 27-year-old Baber came into the courtroom to begin hearing the testimony against him Monday, jurors were bused to the Walnut Hills neighborhood where the shooting happened on March 24, 2017.

Attorneys say Urton was executed in broad daylight -- that he and his legally blind passenger were driving back to work around lunchtime when he hit a 4-year-old boy who ran out into the street.

Cincinnati police homicide detective Jimmy Pham provided testimony about the evidence, including identifying pictures of bullet holes in the door of Urton’s car. Prosectors say Killings was complicit but was not the shooter, even though he said he did it on a 911 call he made while talking to his young son in the back seat of the car on the way to the hospital.

Baber’s attorney says there is more evidence against Killings. They attorney says evidence will show Killings hands will text positive for gunshot residue, and the passenger in Urton’s car also pointed the finger at Killings, identifying him as the shooter.

But the prosecution says they have the killer in court, that Baber ran up and killed Urton.

The boy that Urton struck was not seriously injured. Despite warnings from his passenger not to stop because of the neighborhood he was in, Urton pulled over to check on the boy.

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