Police investigating theft, vandalism at Middletown youth softball building

Thieves target softball nonprofit

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown police are investigating after thieves targeted a non-profit’s building.

Middletown Youth Softball Association President Tim Cowgill said volunteers found their organization’s building on Highland Street broken into on Monday. They think it happened sometime between Saturday and Monday. The thieves, according to Cowgill, took everything they could, down to a jar of pickles.

“They took all the food, all the drinks. They busted pickle jars out front. They stole our PA system,” said Cowgill.

Whoever did it also busted several door locks to get into the clubhouse and office space where Cowgill said they vandalized items, including a net.

“You’re mad of course to begin with,” said Cowgill. “You know what’s running through your mind -- who did it? Why would they do it? It’s just heartbreaking for the kids.”

The non-profit gives local kids a chance to play ball. Cowgill said they raise their own funds and do not rely on donations, which means the crime will affect all 200 children who participate.

Money raised through seasonal concession stand sales helps them give the children an exciting end of the year banquet. Cowgill said they will now be forced to start from scratch.

In the meantime, Middletown police are investigating.

“We had a cop come and do fingerprints,” said Cowgill. “If you know anything about the people that did it, please report them to the Middletown Police Department.”

At this point, Cowgill said they do not expect to get their stolen stuff back, but they would like to see the vandals doing time for the crime.

“See them go to jail,” said Cowgill. “I mean that’s what they deserve. You’re going to take from a kid, you’ll take from anybody.”

Cowgill said they are going to consider installing security cameras on the outside of the building to prevent the incident from occurring again.

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