Are road upgrades (finally) coming to Norwood?

City leaders looking to improve roadways

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The city of Norwood is about to make some major upgrades.

If you live in the area, you know how neglected some of the roadways have been. This is pretty exciting stuff, Norwood City Councilmember and Finance Chair James Bonsall says. Officials have got actual money they can spend on fixing roads and making upgrades to the Waterworks Pool.

Also, police and fire will get some much-needed upgrades.

"Oh yeah, so we have a great community Facebook group called, Norwood Strong, and we get lots of complaints about that,” said Bonsall, adding that Norwood’s Draft Capital Improvements plan is close to being put into action.

"For the first time, we are spending dollars on quite a few items that have been neglected for many, many years,” said Bonsall, starting with roads.

“We’re talking about over $5 million out of our general fund, and close to $3 million in the street fund. Funds that we’ve been able to free-up and are now able to use to get the city back on track,” said Bonsall.

Lionel Moreland has lived on the Cincinnati side of Rhode Island Avenue for three years. The other side of the yellow line, in Norwood, is called Section Avenue.

"But this side’s great! The Cincinnati side,” said Moreland.

The Norwood side, he told us, is rough.

"It’s real bumpy you know, with your car, I hear a lot of cars coming and rattling, and as you go down further, it gets worse and worse,” he said.

He says it’s scary too, with cars driving on the wrong side to avoid the craters.

"We’re going to get Section Avenue fixed, we’re excited about that,” said Bonsall, who added there have been a lot of sacrifices since reorganizing in 2016.

But he says it’s finally paying off.

"Ten police cruisers over the next five years,” said Bonsall.

The Fire Department also gets a brand new ladder truck. Their current ladder truck is a 1996 and firefighters say it should have been made the back-up truck three years ago. Their pumper trucks also are more than a decade past being made reserve trucks, but they’re making do the best they can.

The city’s waterworks pool will get also spruced-up.

"There are definitely people working on trying to get a splash pad there. And it’s a really exciting plan, if it all comes to fruition. Thankfully, we’ve got private donors that are looking at potentially doing it, the city’s looking at partnering potentially too, so it’ll be exciting for the kids of West Norwood,” said Bonsall.

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