FCC to propose rules blocking robocalls

Americans got 26 billion at last year

FCC to propose rules blocking robocalls
The FCC proposes new rules that would allow phone companies to block robocalls before they reach customers. (Source: Adrianna Calvo from Pexels)

(CNN/Gray News) – Everyone hates them.

The phone rings. It looks like a local number, possibly from a friend or the doctor’s office. But instead, it’s some pre-recorded message for health insurance or consolidating student loans or who knows what else.

It’s another robocall.

The Federal Communications Commission says it wants to help.

A proposal by the agency would give phone companies the authority to block the calls by default before they ever get to your phone.

The technology to do this already exists, but companies have balked, fearing their solutions would be considered illegal.

If approved, the FCC’s proposal would squash those fears and could take effect later this year.

One study says Americans received more than 26 billion robocalls last year.

That’s almost twice as many as in 2017.

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