Baber trial: Prosecution rests its case, defense says it will only call one witness

Prosecutor in Baber trial: 'No more witnesses'

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - The prosecution is resting its case against Deonte Baber, the man accused of killing a driver who accidentally hit a child with his car.

Jamie Urton was gunned down in 2017 after hitting the child, who ran into the street. An eyewitness said Thursday she was 100 percent sure it was Baber who was running away from scene shortly after the shooting on Kenton Street in Walnut Hills 14 months ago.

The witness could not be identified or photographed and showed jurors the path she says Baber took as she watched from her front porch.

The witness said Baber was wearing a distinct blue jacket with an orange stripe. Baber’s defense team questioned the witness’ recollection.

The 4-year-old boy that was hit by the car driven by Urton was not seriously injured. The child’s father Jamall Killings, who testified against Baber, is seen running up to Urton’s driver side where prosecutors say Killings started beating Urton until he was unconscious.

The security video then shows a man approach the car and fire five shots, according to the prosecution.

Baber’s defense claims Killings had gun shot residue on his hands and he was the one who pulled the trigger -- but the prosecution says the video shows Killings was near him when Baber fired the weapon.

Cincinnati police detective Terry McGuffy says he has watched the video more than 100 times and says there is little doubt that it’s Baber.

The defense says it will only call one witness but it is not expect to be Baber taking the stand in his own defense.

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