Police: Man accused of trying to lure teen into car in Florence identified

Another teen says man tried to lure him in northern Ky.

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX19) - UPDATE: Florence Police Chief told FOX19 NOW police identified the man and went to his house and talked with him. The chief said they talked with the prosecutor’s office and they said the man did nothing illegal so there’s nothing to charge him with.

The chief believes now that the guy knows they know who he is - he will stop.

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Once again, a suspicious man has been accused of approaching a teen in northern Ky., trying to get him into his car. This time it happened near a school in Florence.

Earlier this week, a strange encounter prompted a teen to call 911 from a park in Florence. Now, the mother of another young man believes the same thing happened to her son.

The mother, who wants to remain anonymous, said that her son was alone, waiting for a ride near Boone County High on Tuesday, when a man he didn’t know, in a car he didn’t recognize, pulled up beside him and asked the 16-year-old if he was in need of a job.

“The guy turned around, then asked him if he needed a ride anywhere, and he’d take him," she said.

The teen walked away, and the man eventually drove off, but not before causing alarm.

“I think we’re all on high alert,” the mother said.

An 18-year-old reported something similar on Tuesday. He told dispatchers a suspicious man was trying to lure him into a car at Stringtown Park by offering him money.

Parents said there have now been three incidents this week.

Florence police are investigating. Officials said they are taking the reports seriously and are gathering details although so far, in the eyes of the law, no specific crime has been committed.

The man is described as white and in his 40s, with balding grey hair. He is said to be driving a newer, silver Honda Accord. Two of the teenagers said that duct tape appeared to be covering part of his license plate.

If you have any information, contact Florence Police.

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