Pit bull owner nowhere to be found, woman says, after dog attacked and killed downtown

Woman searches for pit bull owner

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Peavy-Lewis remains heartbroken that Yugi, her Pomeranian of five years, was chewed up and left to die in her daughter’s arms.

“This is what we have left of Yugi,” said Pamela Peavy-Lewis as she held her dog’s remains in a box.

She says that recently, a pit bull mauled Yugi in downtown Cincinnati.

“I asked the doctor what’s the injuries and she said he had several broken ribs and his lungs were deflated," said Peavy-Lewis.

She says it all happened while her daughter was walking Yugi on a leash on 4th Street. When they crossed the street on Main, that’s when she says a black pit bull that was not on a leash began to attack.

“She said she was standing there and she heard a lady go, ‘Oh no, oh no’ and she looked down and the dog had him in the mouth and her friend that was with them punched the dog several times in the mouth before he got him to release," said Peavy-Lewis.

She says the owner of the pit bull acted concerned at first and even gave Pamela’s daughter her phone to call for help before they rushed off to the vet. After Peavy-Lewis and her family decided to put Yugi down they realized they still had the pit bull owner’s phone.

“We’re thinking she’s going to call. Something’s going to happen. She didn’t call,” said Peavy-Lewis.

Not only did she not call but Peavy-Lewis says when her family tried to get information from the phone, the owner of the pit bull turned it off.

“Sometimes no matter what happened even if you can’t fix it, the first thing you say is I’m sorry. We never got an, ‘I’m sorry.’ Those of us that are dog lovers know they’re not just dogs. They’re family so it’s like losing someone in the family,” Peavy-Lewis.

Peavy-Lewis says before the woman cut off the phone she was able to grab a few pictures of the dog that she says attacked Yugi along with pictures of the dog’s owner. She posted the images online hoping that some knows who the woman is.

“My pursuit more so is to get her to come out. That dog should not be walking around in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that means if they catch him her dog goes down but again my goal is not to have it happen to another living being,” she said.

Peavy-Lewis gave the images she took from the phone to police and the SPCA. FOX19 is told they are reviewing that information now. In the meantime, Peavy-Lewis says she plans to sue the dog owner.

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