Ohio film tax cut could hurt Cincinnati actors, production crews

State budget plan could hurt local actors

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - The Cincinnati area has been popular among Hollywood filmmakers, but the incentive to draw big films to town could be coming to an end.

The state’s budget plan (House Bill 166) will eliminates taxes for anyone making less than $22,500 and cuts taxes for everyone by 6.6%. It will also invest in schools and support at-risk kids.

To get here, House lawmakers said they had to cut and reduce certain tax breaks, like the motion picture tax credit.

This was created in 2009 to encourage and develop a film industry in Ohio.

Over the years, big budget movies starring actors like Anne Hathaway and Ryan Gosling filmed here.

From small scale to big screen production, Tri-State talent and crews help make this movie magic happen.

“People are being able to survive and to build careers this way. They don’t have to move to another state to do it," Angie Coburn said.

She said she landed her first gig in a movie at 32-years-old and said she isn’t stopping until she lands a role in a major motion picture.

“Let me tell you, this is a dream I’ve had since i was a tiny, little girl," she said.

Coburn said her dreams could be crushed if state leaders keep the movie tax credit out of their budget plan.

“If we lose that, that goes away - I mean, I know it’s not just myself, but many are not only not going to have work, but be completely heartbroken," she said.

Monday afternoon, we learned the Senate plans to re-introduce the motion picture tax cut into the budget.

"The film tax credit covers more than just Hollywood filmmakers coming to Ohio. Look for the Senate to revise the program to cover more than just film, by adding theater productions which employ Ohioans who work behind the scenes for the entire run of the production."

Said John Fortney, the Spokesman for Senate Republicans.

The budget will land on Governor Mike DeWine’s desk in June for his signature and film organizations across the state are pushing lawmakers to keep the incentive.

The film industry employs 35,000 people directly and indirectly across the state, according to Film Cincinnati’s website.

Statehouse officials encourage you to contact their offices with your thoughts on the program as they continue to work on the budget bill. Go to ohiosenate.gov and find your senator.

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