Shaken as an infant, teen dies 14 years later

The child died at Children’s Hospital on Saturday
Updated: May. 20, 2019 at 5:23 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Carl Leggett, 14, died on Saturday nearly 14 years after he was shaken.

According to a coroner’s report, Leggett passed away on Saturday from an apparent homicide.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office officials said they can’t confirm that yet, but have said they did investigate the case in 2005 when Leggett was shaken to the point of nearly dying on July 20.

His grandmother Shannon Jordan told FOX19 NOW he suffered from brain damage, cerebral palsy and scoliosis.

At the time, Leggett was only 5.5-months-old.

“He was punched and shaken. 5-months-old... punched him in his head twice and shaken," Jordan said.

His injuries were so severe his grandmother said he spent nearly three months in the hospital before being released.

“In my fantasy world Carl comes out of this," Jordan told FOX19 NOW in 2005. "He’s able to go to school and you know he’s able to talk to us and play and everything else but reality is we just don’t know.”

Leggett fought for years his family members said, the child’s life filled with pain and medications.

Terry Stiles, the mother’s boyfriend, pleaded guilty to shaking Leggett and he spent eight years in prison.

Now, authorities said Stiles is a free man.

“It’s a slap in the face because he gets to come out here and gets to run the streets and have a life when Carl didn’t," Jordan said. “They give more time to a drug dealer than they do to somebody who kills a child. It’s just sickening.”

The 2005 case has been closed.

Authorities said they’re now waiting on autopsy results to determine Leggett’s official cause of death.

If it’s determined he died from injuries he received related to being shaken, authorities said that would launch another investigation.

Jordan said she wants Stiles to be charged with murder and to pay for the 14 years Carl suffered.

“Everything that happened to him is a direct result of what Terry did," she said.

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